Every day, an ever-growing number of new technologies and companies continue to shape the digital home transformation. At Technicolor, we know the best ideas and the most exciting adventures are always a team effort. That’s why we foster partnerships that enable our customers to tap into a thriving ecosystem of talented teams to bring the most innovative services to their subscribers. By integrating disruptive as well as industry leading technologies into our products, we can help consumers discover a future beyond their imagination. ​

HERO Program

In trying to sell your innovative service to the NSP community, do you struggle to demonstrate the value of your offerings that are integrated into the devices NSPs are actually purchasing? To accelerate time to market in monetizing your solutions, the Technicolor HERO program gives you access to a valuable footprint in Technicolor Connected Home devices and engineering, as well as interaction with our customer facing teams for partner selling.​

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Industry Leading Technologies

With Technicolor, NSPs can anticipate the demands of a constantly evolving marketplace. Our talented teams of engineers and world-class scientists, our vigorous participation in standards bodies, and our extended focus on innovation ensure that our roadmaps are in line with every new technology introduction. This has allowed us to be a pioneer in media delivery with an impressive number of world-firsts (4K, G.Fast, DOCSIS3.1, Wi-Fi 11.ax, and more). Discover below the latest industry leading technologies that are part of our product range.


How Technicolor’s New HERO Partner Program Accelerates Flow of Innovation to Network Service Providers


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