Franck Galpin


Imaging Science Lab Researchers

I graduated from IFSIC engineering school in 1998 and worked on a real-time robust MPEG4 video decoder as my final project. I then joined INRIA Rennes and worked on automatic 3D reconstruction for video compression. In 2002,I received a PhD degree in Computer Sciences and Signal Processing from the University of Rennes.
I then moved 2 years as a JSPS post-doc at Tohoku University (Japan).In 2004, I joined the Toyota Higashi Fuji Research Center (Japan) where I worked as a researcher on autonomous vehicle and robotics. My research included several topics from recognition system to planning and control.

I’ve been working at Technicolor since 2014, where I am working on image and video compression. My recent topics include VR video coding and deep learning for coding.
I am also involved with in-house software development process, especially targeting C++ development.

I am currently focusing on next generation video compression.

Research Interests:

  • Core Video Compression (MPEG4, VP9/HEVC, H266)
  • VR video coding
  • Deep learning for video coding
  • High-Dynamic Range videocoding
  • Machine learning, recognition system.

I am also a big C++ fan and actively follow C++ evolution…

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