Gary Brown

Head of VFX

Technicolor London VFX Artists

Gary Brown, Head of VFX at Technicolor London, has a rich experience within the industry spanning over two decades providing visual effects for feature films and episodic content, including Britannia, Brooklyn, Shameless, and the Paddington movies. Gary’s work in VFX has won acclaim and many plaudits within the industry, including an Emmy nomination for his work as VFX Supervisor on Into The Storm in 2009.

Before joining Technicolor, Gary founded his own VFX studio in London, where he built up a team to provide visual effects work on high-profile advertising, music promo, TV and feature projects. Since 2016, Gary has worked at Technicolor London’s Soho facility, setting up and leading its VFX department. In just 18 months under Gary’s leadership, Technicolor VFX London has worked on a wide variety of projects, encompassing both 2D and 3D work.

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