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What's new:

Since 2015 January, I lead the "Network evolution" technical area (a team of 15 people) working mostly on [network] virtualization, trying to "virtualize" home network functions targetting the best cost/performance factor. 

December 2011 - online machine learning course by  Andrew Ng (Standford)

I completed this 2 intensive months course, I recommend to everybody. In addition to the very pedagogic course , you get homework that give you a good background for approaching various research areas where ML could be a very convenient swiss knife you always dreamed off. We currently experiment ML algorithms in video stream characterization and detection and in QOE prediction.

Short Bio:

As a principal scientist, I manage technical activities related to image and networking for Thomson/technicolor since 1996
Lead research and innovation teams/programs since 2007 in a multi-site/international context (teams of 10 to more than 50 peoples in Rennes, Princeton, Beijing, Hanover, Palo-Alto)
Extensive hands on experiences in research and industry projects. Recently built-up with my team an agent software (15 thousands of Java code lines) running in an android phone and coupled with wearable sensors network for user profiling based on, ontology, order 1 reasoning activity learner. Designed an indoor customer tracking system based on Wifi/BLE for IZ-ON media (Stratacache/PRN). Designed CPU board with PCI and ported Linux on it for IEEE 802.16 professional communication system.
Authored about 10 papers (industrial conference like IBC as well as more academic like ICME or yet an article in RF Design). I am a lecturer for High Engineering schools (Telecom Bretagne Master class, Supelec Paris)
Awarded for my 30th granted patent. I did several company's patent portfolio assessments.
I have been part of the initial team that set-up in 2001 the Thomson Research Princeton lab (I have been an expatriate for 3 years) focusing on Mobile (3GPP/3GPP2) networking.
I worked during more than 10 years in home networking. I was the Thomson technical 
I was the Thomson representative in Havi (1996-2000), a software distributed platform for providing interoperability between consumer electronic platforms, then initiated works in UPnP and DLNA.
One of my supject of  interrest is multipath/mulit-link technologies (3G/WLAN, concurrent SCTP, MPTCP, multi-path egress routing, multi-path adaptive streaming, broadcast/broadband)
I have been deeply involved in wireless and mobile technologies (IEEE802.11/Wifi, IEEE802.16/Wimax for a proffessional communication system, 3GPP/WCDMA, DVB-H)
Most of the use/business cases I treated were about video transport/streaming (adaptive streaming, RTP streaming, MPEG2).
I have been invoved in standardization, national, international as well as European collaborative projects in many occasions (EIA, 3GPP WLAN -3G inter-working, ETSI-BRAN, DVB-IPDC/DVB-H, Eureka, EIC-FP6)
I worked previously for Silicom (1991-1996): Matra, Orange, Thomson CSF, Thomson broadcast systems.

Research interests:

My interest is about media (audio/video) delivery. In particular I focus on multi-path, multi-link delivery wherein path diversity is operated intelligently to 1/ smooth and increase the user experience, 2/ operate in a more efficient way the delivery paths. Activities range from delivery architecture through synchronization mechanisms, transport formats (SVC, MBR) optimization, video QOE modeling and protocols optimization. Recent question I am addressing is whether video streaming would benefit from CCN content centric network.


Since January 2015 : Network Evolution

In  "Network evolution" we have projects having a strong /tight with our business entity called Connected home selling  gateways and set-top-boxes. These are past projects:
  • AIS: Adaptive Streaming controled in a distributed way  for  preventing stochastic effect due to concurent streaming. MPEG dash involvement and prototype built for a field test with a VOD operator.
  • Channel bonding for access networking: MPTCP and multipath egress routing gets charcaterized and compared with our own test bench
  • vCPE: how to apply the NFV (Network Function Virtualization) principles to the home network equipments, trying to virtualize the home gateway. Development of a prototypefor home vCPE . Developped techniqques for VNF (Virtual Network Function) virtualization. Experiment new virtual compute approaches based on linux containers ,; develop our own virtual  networking infrastrcture as well as a control and management framework.Worked on PErformance /cost/scaling characterization, service chaning, open source compliancy (OVS, OpenStack, ODL, Docker, etc). Did build our test bench with top Xeon server machines for testing sevral 10Gbps network functions.

The following are the current projects

  • Elastic Cloud Networking
  • High resolution VR streaming
  • Gateway as a Data-center

2013 July-2014 December: MID (Mobile and interactive devices)

 I take in charge a technical area/ research domain called "Mobile and Interactive device" that is about sensor, CE equipments,  all interacting through the mobile device.

Built-up with my team an agent software (15 thousands of Java code lines) running in an android phone and coupled with wearable sensors and network for user profiling,  based on, ontology, order 1 reasoning activity learner. Particularly interrested to develop the ontology based on OWL2 language and the associated toolset (e.g. Protégé from Standford). The idea was to devlelop an ontology for modeling the user activities fed by machine learning systems and enriched through order 1 reasoning.
Designed an indoor customer tracking system based on Wifi/BLE for IZ-ON media (Stratacache/PRN).

2012 March -2013 July: Digital Life
The goal is to simplify the user's digital life in personalizing the way he accesses, manages and consumes her/his digital content. We embrace audio/video but also any information flows/sources that can influence user digital's life. It is a multi disciplinary project (50 peoples overs 5 sites), that gathers teams working on topics related to user environment and user perception knowledge, personalized media distribution, privacy, personalized rendering, new user interactive content, multi-screen operations, new media formats and new user centric service architecture.

2009-2012: Connected Home
This project was about enhencing the user experience regarding media delivery to the home. It was one of the 6 research projects in technicolor reserach & innovation worlwide. We addressed various topics ranging from scalable distribution (P2P, SVC), broadcast/broadband combined networking, adaptive streaming, home network monitoring and management, in home wirless distribution and distributed storage. In addition to the project lead, I have been particularly involved in adaptive streaming and combined networking. I have contributed in the following collaborative projects CELTIC/Motswan, French/FUI Systerminal, FP7 FIGARO.

2005-2008: Mobile Video
In 2005, I set-up a team in Rennes to work  around the mobile TV. I participated in several architecture meetings in order to strategically address this new market for Thomson. As the DVB-H expert, I helped different business units to quickly setup environment test including Grass Valley in France and mobility team in USA. End of 2007, we were almost 10 people working on advanced studies and developments around mobile TV. Our “Robust filecasting” work has been shown two times in IBC 2006 and 2007 and partially integrated in a product. I wrote papers and filled several patents. In the mean time we have been active in standardization activities (DVB-IPDC, OMA-BCAST and 3GPP, ATSC-MH). Between 2007 and 2008, we have been involved in the French/FUI Mobimages project. This project took place in Brittany and aimed at developing a complete and advanced mobile TV chain from the content provider up to the terminal. I was the  work package leader coordinating the developments of the platform as well as of the development of the experimental cellular phone terminal.

2004-2005: Professional wireless media distribution
This project was about developping a platform from scratch based on the IEEE802.16 technology. The envisgaed outcome was a professionnal video communication kit. We designed and developped a transmitter board wherein I took in charge the CPU block (based on a PowerPC and a PCI interface), ported Uboot and Linux on it and developed the IEEE802.16 driver. In the same time we contributed to the  FP6 IST BROADWAN project. The Thomson contribution was relative to fixed wireless broadband access in rural areas. In this context, we worked on Wimax use cases. I co-authored a paper: “Hybrid architecture to achieve true broadband access in rural areas”.I have started works on multi access technologies with the following presentation and papers: “A multilink architecture for a global wireless Internet connectivity” (ASPROM seminar - May 10, 2005) and “New architectures for an enhanced multimedia wireless broadband service” (Broadband Europe symposium 2005 - December 12, 2005).

2001-2003: Cellular networking for media distribution
In this project, we decided to investigate the cellular technology. We spent a year and half understanding the cellular ecosystem and its standardization (3GPP, 3GPP2). I did focus particularly onto the MAC layer and Between 2002-2003,  on WLAN/3G inter-working. The idea regarding that project was to inter-connect the WLAN access network as IEEE802.11x with some public network as a 3G mobile network (e.g. 3GPP/UMTS) or an IP network. I have been involved within the ETSI/BRAN/Hiperlan2-3G inter-working group and the 3GPP SA2/WLAN group trying to define an architecture framework and the interfaces to allow the inter-connection between Hiperlan2 and both IP and UMTS/3GPP networks.

1996-2000: Home networking
This project focused on the IEEE 1394 (FireWire). Beyond the development of the bus technology, we wanted to develop an interoperable  framework. Between 1997 and 2000, the work was fully driven by the HAVi (Home Audio Video Interoperability) effort. It is a distributed software architecture designed over the IEEE80.1394 (Firewire) Bus. This was an International project in the framework of a consortium composed by eight consumer electronic companies: Thomson, Philips, Matsushita, Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sharp, and Grunding.I was the Thomson representative and main contributor of the messaging system and the registry.
In addition to participating in HAVi afffot, we were involved in the  Eureka COMMEND project. I participated mainly as the Thomson HAVi expert. As a task leader I had to extend the HAVi 1.0 specification to allow multiple clustering within the HAVi network. I've also participated within studies about inter-connection between the wireless LAN ETSI/Hiperlan2 and the bus IEEE1394 (Firewire).


Aroound 40 patents in the field of network science and mobile networking.

Some experiences:

Multi-path and multi-link video distribution
Content Centric Network and video streaming (simulation)
Distributed multi sources adaptive streaming (algorithms and experimentation)
To optimize concurrent SCTP (model and experiment)
Proxy based architecture (architecture study)
WLAN/cellular tight coupling (architecture, protocols, algorithms)

Wireless video
Research on optimizing [video] file distribution over cellular networks (measurement campaign, prototyping in C++)
Research on optimizing video over Wifi (algorithms, experiments, Linux)

Software distributed platform
Developed HAVi software distributed platform (architecture, prototyping in C and Java).

Remote management
Developments of software plugins for a X25/IP centralized monitoring system(UNIX, C)

Embedded system
WMAN professionnal system (Uboot + Linux port on IBM PPC based custom board, Designed CPU part of our IEEE802.16 based custom board)
Video to smartphones (Linux port on Compaq IPaq)
VOD system (Design and test of a FPGA based SCSI disks board, Wrote low level file system for multi SCSI-RAID in C, OS9 port on Mototola 68360 MC based custom board)
Video compression boards for MPEG2 and DSS systems ( Wrote control software including statistical multiplexing algorithm in C).


Drama school
Founder and president of "La Chapelle Enjouée", a drama school and a troupe since 2005 (2 employees, 27 children, 8 adults, 1 stage set decorator).
Want to know more, go here:
Founder and secretary of "La Chapelle bien chaussée" since 2004, a running club.
Virtual pilot
Virtual pilot (252 hours with since 2006. Operate FS2004.
A fan of Orbiter (space flight simulation:
Guitarist (modern).
Chorus singer (tenor)
From 1993 to 1997 in Chevaigné (Britany)
From 2001 to 2003 in Princeton (Wetminster choir college community)
A beginner in painting (oil)
Family and leisure
Between 1998 and 2000, member and president of AFEL, a multi activities organization for families in La Chapelle Chaussée-France (several employees, more than 100 members)
Between 1993 and 1997, member and vice-president of ASCC, a multi activities organization for families in Chevaigné-France (11 sections, several employees, more than 100 members)