What if storytellers could bring their creative visions to life as vividly as they imagine them, and on every screen?
What if content distributors were able to serve early adopters and legacy customers, and all with their existing infrastructure?
What if consumers could enjoy everything they watch in stunning HDR wherever they want, all the time?

At Technicolor, we make this possible. We believe that innovation is built on choice, and we believe that creativity is born out of freedom.
We stand for an open HDR future where all can participate, and where limitations do not apply. By standing together, we can liberate the future of storytelling.


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Drag slider to experience the deeper blacks and brighter whites that is Presented in Technicolor HDR.

3 things to know about HDR



High Dynamic Range allows content creators a wider color range from the darkest to the lightest areas in an image, allowing for higher contrast and shadows, which are often more important than highlights.

Due to an increased range of color, HDR opens the opportunity not only for more true to life images, but to transport viewers beyond reality into the storytellers’ vision.

One size does not fit all, different types of content (theatrical, live sports, etc.) will benefit from different content creation approaches.



As HDR continues to grow in adoption, there will be multiple types of content and multiple types of displays.

With multiple HDR formats in existence including PQ (aka HDR10), Hybrid Log Gamma and Sony's Slog3, the potential for inconsistent viewing experiences increases.

This creates an increased need to manage the complexity involved, as not all content will play everywhere, as there will be both SDR and HDR content as well as SDR and HDR displays.



The ability to create and consume HDR should not be limited, it should be a non-exclusive world.

HDR is best served through an open approach that is unconstrained by proprietary and closed workflows, both on the content side and the device side.

The ability to create, distribute and consume HDR content without restriction is what drives us collectively forward.

Toward that end, Advanced HDR by Technicolor is described in ETSI TS 103 433-1 (SL-HDR1) and ETSI TS 103 433-2 (SL-HDR2) and under the process of standardization in bodies such as ATSC (ATSC 3.0), DVB, and China HDR.

For all questions regarding licensing and certification please contact us.

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