Enable your devices to display all content as HDR. All the time…made possible by Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

Uninterrupted HDR

Our technology up-converts SDR content, allowing audiences to enjoy a consistently high-quality HDR experience.

Multiple Formats

Technicolor’s unique solution accepts different HDR formats and displays them in the same stunning HDR, optimizing the content for the specific capabilities of the display.

images simulated

Drag slider to experience the deeper blacks and brighter whites that is Presented in Technicolor HDR.


In a series of podcast interviews, Technicolor’s Subject Matter Experts present insights on our successful collaboration with Spectrum SportsNet to demonstrate HDR in action during the first live end-to-end HDR broadcast of an NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets (including commercials, other interstitials, and graphics).

In a short article, we describe Technicolor’s Spectrum Networks’ and Charter’s partnership to deliver the first back-to-back HDR and SDR single production broadcast for MLB fans across the US and UK.

HDR and Technicolor Go to Bat for Major League Broadcasting

Lessons Learned from Spectrum SportsNet HDR Broadcast of NBA Game Between LA Lakers and Denver Nuggets

Technicolor’s Kirk Barker Explains How HDR Sports Broadcasts Can Be Implemented Without Disrupting Existing Workflows