Enjoy amazing HDR all the time on devices powered with Advanced HDR by Technicolor… and exceptional viewing experiences with content Presented in Technicolor HDR.

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Choose from the widest range of HDR content – from libraries of movies and video games, to user generated content and home movies, as well as live sports and TV programs

Uninterrupted HDR

Technicolor HDR technology automatically upgrades all non-HDR content for HDR all the time, on all devices.

Amazing Experience

Watch the most exceptional HDR when you pair Presented in Technicolor HDR content with devices enabled by Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

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Drag slider to experience the deeper blacks and brighter whites that is Presented in Technicolor HDR.

HDR Glossary

Learn the meanings of terms that define next-gen viewing experiences.


The HDR Revolution

Digital entertainment is about to be more dynamic, more vibrant and more lifelike than ever before. Watch to learn about the HDR revolution, and the role Technicolor is playing in making HDR content distribution a reality. Step into a brand new world of amazement!



Devices with Advanced HDR by Technicolor technology combine Technicolor’s Hollywood artistry with its color & image technology to deliver exceptional HDR experiences to you at home and on-the-go. Be assured that you’re enjoying brighter highlights, deeper darks, and more vivid colors for the most true-to-life viewing, because these devices have met a quality bar.



Content that’s Presented in Technicolor HDR is an exceptional and the most true-to-life viewing experience enabled by cutting edge technology from Technicolor, Hollywood’s leader in image & color. You can watch content that’s Presented in Technicolor HDR on all devices and TVs, whether HDR or SDR.

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