Henk Heijnen

Senior Engineer

Home Experience Lab Researchers

Henk Heijnen has more than 30 years of expertise in building and leading innovation projects. He has worked in several high tech companies / labs such as Ascom, Lucent Bell Labs, Sextant Avionique etc … His technical background mostly covers telecommunication, networking, hardware architecture, low level software etc…

In Technicolor, Henk started as a Technical Expert (telecom) and evolved toward the role of Site Manager in Bangalore, managing a team of 50+ sub-contractors. After this multicultural experience, Henk has been representing Technicolor in various funding bodies such as MEDEA, CARTENE or ITEA and has successfully managed Technicolor participation in more than 15 cooperative projects. He has also represented Technicolor in various professional organizations such as the SITELESC or OAI.

Henk has been responsible for three “CIFRE” PhD students and is the recipient of 8 patents.

Research subjects:

Henk is mainly interested in innovation and in applying advanced technologies to new products: 4/5G mobile phones networks, gateways, audio recognition …


After having led a research project devoted to understand the possible usages of 4G+ / 5G technologies in the home environment, Henk is now leading a project devoted to sound recognition with the Connected Home Business Unit.

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