The Board of Directors of Technicolor has 8 members, among them 5 were qualified as independent Directors by the Board of Directors.

The Board’s composition reflects a diverse and complementary range of experience, nationalities and cultures, ensuring that the interests of all shareholders are taken into account.

The Board of Directors and its committees

The Board of Directors determines the Group’s strategic direction and ensures its implementation. It examines all questions relating to the proper functioning of the Company, subject to the powers explicitly attributed to the Shareholders’ Meetings.

It is assisted by the four committees it has created, namely: Audit Committee, Nominations and governance Committee, Remunerations Committee and Strategy Committee.

Corporate governance code of reference

Pursuant to French law of July 3, 2008, Technicolor adheres to the Afep-Medef Corporate Governance Code of June 2018 in the preparation of the Report as defined by article L.225-37 of the French Commercial Code.



Internal Board Regulations


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