Isabelle Lussier

Re-Recording Mixer

Technicolor Montréal Sound Mixers

Isabelle first developed her sound abilities through music composition and sound design for theatre and dance productions. In 2007 she joined Technicolor’s Original Sound team where she learned the craft of mixing for films. Since then she has contributed to over 100 feature and short films, TV and web series, documentaries and animation from many different countries.

Isabelle enjoys the process of collaborating with directors and sound designers. Technically, there are always new tools to learn and artistically it is always an honor to be given the opportunity to improve the depth of a movie with sound.

Passionate about films, she views every project as a source of artistic influence, from the simplest soundtracks, elaborate action movies to the inventive Foley in animation films. She hopes to keep growing as a mixer and continue meeting creative people with whom she can build strong professional relationships.

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