Jason Wilson

Lead VFX Artist

Technicolor Los Angeles VFX Artists

With 19 years of post-production experience, Jason has worked on a wide variety of film, television and commercial projects as both the lead artist and VFX supervisor. His work can be seen on such shows as Mad Men and The Good Wife, as well as feature films including Thor 2 and Noah. With a keen photographic eye, Jason has consistently proven to have great technical creativity across many platforms. His ability to adapt to various tasks, be it motion graphics, design, or compositing, has given Technicolor a competitive edge.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Jason jumped the pond and joined Laser Pacific in 2008. Prior to his move to Hollywood, Jason’s post-production experience included working for companies such as Digital Pictures Melbourne and the award-winning advertising agency Clemenger BBDO.

Having the opportunity to work with Marvel and on Mad Men have been two highlights of Jason’s career. He finds it most satisfying to work with different types of clients because the relationships grow and tend to breed the most creative projects. He believes that the artists he works with are his greatest artistic influences because they give perspective and teach each other techniques. He also believes that sharing knowledge is the secret of personal progress.

Jason is excited to see the continuing developments at Autodesk in regard to Flame and Smoke, and is also curious to learn about any tool that can make his creative life more efficient. If given the opportunity, Jason says Vikings would be an incredible show to work on, stating that it is “such brilliantly made television”. The best advice Jason has received was from his grandmother, who told him not to worry about what he can’t control. Jason explains, “I had no idea what it meant at the time, but it has turned out to be a goal worth achieving.”

Jason is a former musician and passionate photographer, spending a great deal of his free time exploring music and enjoying photography adventures.

Select credits

  • Captain American: The Winter Soldier
  • True Detective
  • Halt and Catch Fire
  • Sense8
  • Mad Men
  • Get On Up
  • Noah
  • Thor: The Dark World


Select Credits

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