Jean-Eudes Marvie

Principal Scientist

Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Jean-Eudes Marvie is a Principal Scientist at Technicolor Research & Innovation. He received a MSc degree from the University of Rennes 1 and a MEng degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in 2001. He was awarded a PhD prepared at INRIA in the field of computer graphics in 2004. After a one year post-doc at INRIA in the IPARLA project of the LABRI laboratory in France he incorporated Thomson company (now renamed Technicolor) in 2005.

His research interests are: real time rendering, large models visualization and generation, procedural modeling and rendering and virtual reality.  He is currently leading a team of 10 researchers, applying these techniques to the field of interactive pre-visualization for cinema production at Moving Picture Company and also to interactive applications on set top boxes at Technicolor Digital Delivery Group. He previously applied some of these techniques for real-time visual effects on live broadcast systems for Grass Valley.

Research interests:

  • Real time rendering,
  • Very large models visualization and generation,
  • Procedural modeling and rendering,
  • Distributed applications dedicated to interactive visualization,
  • Rendering on large displays
  • Virtual reality.

Awards and recognitions:

Since 2010  Distinguished member of Technicolor’s Fellowship network
2011 Best long paper award for publication “Streaming and synchronization of multi-user worlds through HTTP/1.1” at Web 3D 2011 conference.
2009 Prix du Jury of “Technicolor’s Engineering Awards” – Volumetric Shadow Mapping

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