Jeff Pantaleo


Technicolor Los Angeles Colorists

Jeff joined Technicolor in 2016 as part of Maxine Gervais’ color team. During his tenure here, he’s worked on several feature films ranging from independents to VFX-heavy blockbusters like Black Panther and Captain Marvel, as well as studio and independent films, episodic series, and commercials.

Prior to Technicolor, Jeff spent 12 years at Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging, working his way up to becoming a dailies colorist, before eventually making the transition to learning BaseLight and working on feature DIs. In 2014, he joined veteran colorist Maxine Gervais as her assistant colorist, marking the beginning of a new career chapter and the achievement of his personal goal of color-finishing feature films.

Jeff has a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design, which involved, among other things, the study of photography, painting, graphic design and computer science. This diverse scope of study helped to build his unique ability to balance art with technology, which continues to be essential to him as a colorist in today’s ever-evolving field. Jeff has an in-depth knowledge of color management and deliverable needs and is seasoned in the practical implementation of workflows which allows these various deliverables to be created efficiently, and in a way that honors the original artistic vision of his clients.

When asked what excites him the most about the industry and where it is going, Jeff explains "The pace at which technology evolves in our industry is incredible, and this evolution is constantly pushing our creative limits further. I'm passionate about embracing the challenges of these new technologies and applying them in support of our clients, helping to promote great storytelling and create beautiful images."

Top Credits
Black Panther
Captain Marvel
Welcome to Marwen
The Mule
The Meg
Pitch Perfect 3
Still Star Crossed