Jurgen Stauder

Prinicipal Scientist

Imaging Science Lab Researchers

What's new:

New video formats for extended color gamut are being standardized, for example IEC 61966-12-1 “Metadata for identification of color gamut (Gamut ID)”

Short Bio:

Jürgen Stauder received his PhD degree in 1999 from the University of Hannover (Germany) in the field of computer vision. He then stayed with INRIA (France) for two years before joining Technicolor Research & Innovation center in Rennes (France). He is guest lecturer for applied color science. His research interests are computer vision, color science, and computer graphics with application to video asset management, color management, and content production.

Research interests:

Computer vision, color science, and computer graphics.


Jürgen has been involved in projects on

  • Streaming of large 3D scenes
  • Indexing of personal photo collections
  • Color calibration of digital projectors with respect to film projectors
  • Representation of color gamut boundaries for video content and display devices
  • Color gamut mapping
  • Color correspondences or color mapping of images
  • Color gamut extension for video content


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