Kevin Horsewood

Senior Colorist

Technicolor London Colorists

Kevin Horsewood, Senior Colorist at Technicolor London, has been mastering his craft in Soho for 20 years. Kevin’s speciality is drama, and his work has been honoured with various awards, including two RTS Television gongs for Picture Enhancement for Sherlock (2010), which he was commended on, for significantly enhancing the mood and emotion of the drama and the subtlety and sensitivity of the approach. His second gong for Picture Enhancement was awarded for his work on Persuasion (2007). Kevin’s credits include Atlantis, The Guilty, Spooks, Merlin and Poirot to name just a few.
Growing up Kevin loved processing his black and white photographs in the darkroom, learning the techniques and playing around with dodging and burning. He believes it is this is what started his interest in storytelling and began his path into the world of color grading.

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