Laura Quatela

Director, SVP & Chief Legal Officer, Lenovo Group. Founder, Quatela Lynch Intellectual Property. Former Co-COO and President, Consumer Businesses, Eastman Kodak Company

Board of Directors

Ms. Laura Quatela is Senior Vice-President and Chief Legal Officer of Lenovo, a Hong-Kong-listed technology company and world’s #1 PC provider. She is a member of the Lenovo’s Executive Committee. Ms. Quatela is also the co-founder of Quatela Lynch Intellectual Property LLC, a consultancy firm that specializes in generating maximum value from Intellectual Property. She was President of Eastman Kodak Company from January 2012 to February 2014. Ms. Quatela has joined the Kodak Group in 1999 where she held a number of positions, including General Counsel, Senior Vice-President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer. As Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Kodak, she oversaw the Intellectual Property policy and strategy, chaired the Senior IP Strategy Council and managed external Intellectual Property affairs.

Before she joined Kodak, she worked at Clover Capital Management, Inc., SASIB Railway GRS, and Bausch & Lomb Inc. She was an attorney specializing in class-action lawsuits. Ms. Quatela is a graduate of Denison University, BA, International Politics (1979) and Case Western Reserve University School of Law, J.D. (1982).