Lionel Oisel

Lab Director

Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Lionel leads the Imaging Science Research Lab of Technicolor composed of more than 70 scientists and engineers. The ISL lab focuses on developing and applying computer vision, image processing as well as machine learning technologies to the entertainment industry, from creation up to consumption. Its main activities deal with compression ecosystems with a strong involvement in standardization bodies (e.g. MPEG), color management and optimization of Technicolor content creation workflow using advanced deep learning technologies.

Lionel’s role is to define and drive the lab strategy and manage and lead the research team. His mission is to ensure a tight collaboration with Technicolor Business Units (e.g. MPC, The Mill, Mikros, Patent and Licensing) bringing innovation into Technicolor products and services. To do so, the lab activities are balanced between long term research and its application to BU context.

Lionel Oisel received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Rennes in 1998. He joined Technicolor in 2000 as a researcher before assuming a project leader role, leading projects raising from 10 up to 50 researchers located in different countries. End of 2016, he moved to the newly built Technicolor Experience Center of Los Angeles to participate to its set-up and develop research and innovation projects within the TEC in close collaboration with other R&I centers. His mission also consisted in tightening the collaboration between the research and innovation group and other Technicolor businesses. In this context, he was strongly involved in the set-up and follow-up of some joint R&I-BU projects with a focus on the deep learning initiative.

He came back to France mid-2017 to take over the ISL lab leveraging his scientific background, his knowledge of the Technicolor businesses as well as his leadership experience.

He is co-author of more than 40 patents and several scientific papers including

- Visual object trapping - Tomás Crivelli, Patrick Pérez, Lionel Oisel - Computer Vision and Image Understanding – 2016

- Harmony-guided image editing - Christel Chamaret, Fabrice Urban, Lionel Oisel – ICIP 2014

- A contrario shot detection - Pierre Hellier, Vincent Demoulin, Lionel Oisel, Patrick Pérez - ICIP 201

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