Marc Riviere


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Marc Rivière has received an engineer degree from Télécom Physique Strasbourg and a postgraduate degree in Computer Vision, Control Theory and Robotics.
In those days, he worked on projects involving wavelet transforms, neural networks, genetic algorithms or robust control.During a six-month internship at the University of Southern California Interation Lab (Prof Maja J. Matarić), he developed path planning and path tracking software applied to real and simulated Segway RMP200 platforms under the DARPA MARS program.
Later on, Marc acquired a solid professional experience in embedded system design and in low layer software developments for PBX and STB operating systems.
This experience was supplemented by the practical knowledge required to successfully improve the security of STB products running Linux or Android and to meet the latest security standards. 
Working at Technicolor since 2007, he joined the Security & Content Protection team in early 2014.