Mozhdeh Seifi


Imaging Science Lab Researchers

I graduated from Sharif University of Technology in Iran in 2007. I obtained an Erasmus Mundus master degree on Color in Informatics and MEdia Technology (CIMET) in 2010.

I received a Ph.D. degree in Signal processing in 2013, from the Hubert Curien laboratory of Université Jean-Monnet in Saint Etienne, on inverse problems approach in digital holography. Directly after my PhDs, I joined Technicolor R&I in Rennes, where I am working on computational photography, in particular on super-resolution in plenoptic cameras.

Research Interests:

  • Light field imaging and plenoptic cameras
  • Super-resolution
  • Stereovision
  • Inverse problems
  • Digital Holography
  • Compressive sensing


I am currently focusing on the accuracy of disparity estimation, light field demosaicking and computational image refocusing in plenoptic cameras.

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