November 13, 2015

3-Time Oscar-winning Cinematographer, Vittorio Storaro, Explains The Beginning of His Career & Relationship With Technicolor

Acclaimed cinematographer shares his memories on Technicolor representing a major aspect of his creativity.

One of the most universally known and beloved names in cinematography, Vittorio Storaro, shares his Technicolor experiences throughout the years in a nine-minute video tribute to Technicolor’s Centennial. Having photographed 57 out of 59 motion pictures with Technicolor by his side, Storaro’s relationship with Technicolor has been long and fruitful. Initially understanding film as light and shadows, he was inspired by the 1939 Technicolor film Gone with the Wind (fascinated with Ernest Haller’s usage of colors, specifically the reds), and had an epiphany that subsequently informed his cinematography. Learning his color craft from Ernesto Novelli at Technicolor in Rome, Italy, he began a long-standing relationship with the colorist that led him to working with Technicolor for years to come. From Apocalypse Now! to The Last Emperor to Last Tango in Paris, Vittorio Storaro’s influence on the way color is used in films is a crowning legacy for the motion picture industry.