September 08, 2017

Advanced HDR by Technicolor Wins China’s Coveted BIRTV Award

Technicolor’s groundbreaking HDR solution was recognized for Outstanding Technology with the most practical implementations in the real world.
  • Advanced HDR by Technicolor delivers in real-time any mix of HDR and SDR content in a single stream.
  • The innovative solution ensures consistent, accurate, and the best viewing quality for every user on every device.

Technicolor has been honored with this year’s BIRTV 2017 Award for Outstanding Technology, for its Advanced HDR by Technicolor solution. The BIRTV award is the most authoritative award in the Chinese broadcasting and TV industry. Recipients are recognized as having the most innovative products and solutions with the most practical implementations.

“The recognition by the top industry experts who judged this category for BIRTV 2017 demonstrates the importance of a single stream HDR solution for broadcasters, content distributors, and other service providers all around the world,” said Kirk Barker, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Product Management at Technicolor. “It is yet another proof point of how Advanced HDR by Technicolor introduces technical and economic efficiencies without sacrificing image quality or fidelity.”

Advanced HDR by Technicolor combines award-winning technologies: Technicolor HDR Intelligent Tone Management (ITM) and Technicolor HDR (aka SL-HDR1). Technicolor HDR was recently approved as an ASTC 3.0 Candidate Standard.

Moreover, Technicolor HDR ITM up-converts SDR content to HDR. This ensures a large library of HDR content for consumers who have invested in new high dynamic range TVs and devices. Meanwhile, Technicolor HDR, the distribution solution, ensures that any mix of HDR and SDR content is distributed in a single stream and is accurately displayed simultaneously on both HDR and SDR screens in real time. This provides all consumers with a consistent viewing experience.

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