December 03, 2015

AllSeen Alliance Summit 2015 Report: ASA Partners Envision Billions of Interoperating Devices, Services, & Apps

Technicolor shares case studies at AllSeen Alliance.

Executives and experts from a wide range of suppliers reviewed progress to date and highlighted the challenges ahead as they gathered in Seattle Oct. 19-21 for the annual AllSeen Alliance Summit meeting. The AllSeen Alliance is the world's largest collaborative effort working to advance the Internet of Everything. As a premier member, Technicolor presented its vision for the future as well as case studies on smart homes, connected cars and smart cities.

In contrast to an industry developing in silos and closed ecosystems, Technicolor is promoting development of value-added services based on data gathering across devices, regardless of supplier or OS, as well as granular personalization and learning capabilities. This is especially critical for operators seeking to monetize the Internet of Things.

At the AllSeen summit, Technicolor experts shared ideas for potential killer apps, use of the AllJoyn framework and Technicolor’s own ize smart life platform. They also examined ways to integrate digital life scenarios with smart cities, based on case studies of partnerships between ize, car manufacturers and utility companies, usage of publicly available data, and sharing of information among homes, buildings and neighborhoods. Such sharing can create smarter cities, lead to game-changing applications for a smarter global digital life, and open powerful new business opportunities.