September 02, 2015

American Cinematographer Magazine Highlights 100 Years of Technicolor in their September Issue

The ASC celebrates Technicolor’s centennial.

As Technicolor approaches its centennial anniversary, many industry entities throughout the media and entertainment landscape are shining a spotlight on Technicolor’s achievements throughout the years. September brings a feature in American Cinematographer, a journal published by the American Society of Cinematographers. Written by Michael Goldman, the article covers modern day breakthroughs in color science and relives the very beginning of the Technicolor process in 1915 with Dr. Kalmus. Focusing not just on Technicolor’s contribution to the entertainment world, Goldman discusses the achievements of our Technology and Connected Home divisions as well as how new advancements benefit Technicolor (and its clients), providing efficient and elegant solutions for end-users.

As Goldman stated, Technicolor is in excellent centennial company:

Technicolor’s milestone anniversary brings its distinction into sharp relief. It is an organization that has repeatedly remade itself, surviving technological and economic upheaval, and thriving even as dozens of other legendary names have fallen by the wayside. The company’s longevity gives it special status, along with just a few other industry mainstays: three European and two American film studios; camera manufacturer Arri, which hits 100 in 2017; and the venerable institution that publishes this magazine, the American Society of Cinematographers, which will celebrate its centennial in 2019. Indeed, Technicolor remains part of an elite group that profoundly and consistently influences the development and cultural impact of motion pictures.

Read more about 100 Years of Technicolor in the September issue of American Cinematographer.