August 23, 2018

Android TV is rapidly becoming a must-have for pay TV operators worldwide.

By 2025, fully two-thirds of all pay TV operators expect Android TV to be the leading platform.*

As the dynamics of providing a high-quality, differentiated video service offering continues to evolve, operators need a platform that can evolve with the market. Android TV delivers what is needed in an environment where time to market and service velocity are paramount. It is a platform that can bridge managed and unmanaged services seamlessly and provide what is needed to reach a multitude of business goals. 

Additionally, Android is highly popular amongst consumers; this popularity is due in part to its functionality, excellent user experience, generously specified devices, and wide selection of apps.

Technicolor has been a leader in the deployment of Android TV from the outset. Technicolor is an Android Premier Partner and has been selected by 29 SPs around the globe, which is roughly 67% of the market. 

Since the beginning of 2018, Technicolor has provided leadership by facilitating 5 new STB launches, plus 6 noteworthy software updates with Netflix and Amazon Prime on Android Nougat.

The associated Infographic conveys the entire story of why Android TV is tailor-made for today’s video market and the Technicolor success with Android TV.

Download Infographic


*Source: App Developer Magazine – May 2018

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