November 18, 2014


Technicolor provides the Sound Post for Babylon in brand new Sound Suites.
The long awaited Babylon, a six part drama co-created by Danny Boyle has begun on Channel  4. Technicolor London and the new Sound Suites at Lexington Street were home to Sound Post for this exciting project.
Gareth Bull, Head of Sound Services described it as an ‘intricate and rewarding project’.
The story, shot in London, follows characters in the Police Service – those on the front line, responding to incidents, and those in the Communications and PR department, who deal with the backlash. Following Danny Boyle’s signature style and having been written by the creators of Peep Show, the characters and the storyline has twists and turns to hilarious effect.
A fan of Boyle’s previous work, Gareth said ‘I knew Danny would want a detailed and energised mix that reflected the power and wit of the drama. Teaming up with experienced Sound Editors Howard Walsall and Martin Cantwell gave me both the clean, crisp dialogue track and vibrant FX bed with which to build an exciting soundtrack.
Add in to that a rich score and a wonderful new set of music samples and I knew we had all the ingredients for this mix to take life.
Also worthy of note was the issue of delivering R128 compliant LtRt and 5.1 mixes. With such a dense and dynamic soundtrack I knew we needed to monitor our levels constantly (even during the premix stage). This meant I had a good idea of the final readings. Whilst conforming to R128 can be a little frustrating at times it also promoted some interesting discussions about how to find energy and drama from the soundtrack without just turning things up!’