December 08, 2015

BBWF 2015 Report: Operators Focus on Value-added Services for Consumers

Technicolor delivers at the 2015 Broadband World Forum.

The 2015 Broadband World forum attracted over 8,000 attendees from 135 different countries. Over 150 exhibitors took part in the show to demonstrate their latest innovations and technologies -. Connectivity and ultra-broadband to the home provided the focus for this year’s BBWF in London. In the Technicolor demonstration suite where visitors discovered how Technicolor is helping operators bring extra bandwidth to the home, using the industry’s most efficient toolkit to enable deployment of added-value services.



Technicolor’s, VDSL2 profile 35b, DOCSIS 3.1 and LTE help operators sustain Gigabit speed bandwidth to the home, improve the Quality of Experience and deploy value-added services. For, Technicolor partners with ADTRAN, which displayed Technicolor’s latest wireless 11ac ultra-broadband smart gateway and, for delivery to the home, bridge POC. ADTRAN’s BBWF press release highlighted the importance of unlocking closed, single-vendor access networks to align FTTx with the open, standards-based approach favored by other broadband media.



Technicolor develops hybrid access solutions using robust, multiple WAN links to increase network capacity and improve home coverage. Operators can mix and match “last mile” broadband delivery to the home cost-effectively by leveraging existing fixed-line infrastructure, such as those for digital subscriber lines (DSL), and combining it with either mobile technology such as 4G/LTE, or another fixed-line technology. At BBWF, Technicolor demonstrated a Multi-Path Routing solution combining DSL and LTE and distributing traffic between peers over multiple paths. Another solution, based on multi-path TCP running over a Technicolor Homeware-based VDSL2 gateway, was presented by Tessares.  



Technicolor Homeware for gateway enables easy, rapid deployment of any service, which can be proprietary or third-party sourced, such as Tessares ‘s multi-path TCP hybrid internet access bonding or Broadpeak’s nanoCDNTM



Operators can optimize total cost of ownership thanks to Technicolor industry-leading ‘Doctor’ apps services. Doctor apps provide high visibility for any network or user location issues, which means more efficient customer support and proactive issue resolution. DSL Doctor service and an enriched Wi-Fi Doctor back-end solution were unveiled at BBWF.



The BBWF presentation of Technicolor’s cloud-originated network services research project provided a good opportunity for customers to examine issues linked to implementation of virtualized architecture. The project aims to deliver benefits for both operators and end-users by equipping home gateways with advanced monitoring and easy service deployments.



At BBWF, Technicolor demonstrated how the latest ize features enable the transformation of the Internet of Things (IoT) into valuable lifestyle services. ize is the only open, TV-compliant smart life solution that delivers concierge-like services to all screens, bridging entertainment, personal media, gaming, security, health-care, home automation and communications. Technicolor also unveiled its connected aging elderly care project, eliciting enthusiastic interest from service providers.



Operators seeking to strengthen brand identity through personalized product portfolios were particularly interested in Technicolor’s Design Language. The language reinforces brand consistency while providing a contemporary look, improved costs and shorter time to market. Learn more Design Language and join the discussion on The Future Trust here.