February 13, 2013

British comedy film Jadoo

Technicolor reveals involvement in British comedy film Jadoo premiering at 2013 Berlin Film Festival.

Technicolor is proud to unveil its involvement in comedy feature film Jadoo, which premieres at the Berlin Film Festival this week.

Jadoo, directed and written by Amit Gupta (Resistance) stars Amara Karan (The Darjeeling Limited) , Harish Patel (Run Fatboy Run) Tom Mison (One Day, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) and Adeel Akhtar (Four Lions, The Dictator).

The film follows two brothers, both wonderful chefs who run competing restaurants, who are forced to put aside twenty years’ animosity to collaborate on a daughter’s wedding feast fall out disastrously. At the climax of their dispute they rip the family recipe book in half – one brother gets the starters and the other gets the main courses. They set up rival restaurants, across the road from each other, and spend the next twenty years trying to out-do each other. Neither brother will admit it but they both know they are not entirely successful in the ‘other half’ of the menu. It takes a daughter to reunite them. She is planning her marriage and is determined that they will both attend – and cook her wedding feast.

Technicolor provided original negative processing and HD dailies for the feature film, as well as DI with 2K film scanning using Spirit DataCine and sound mixing. Final conform and color correction was completed on Autodesk's Smoke System and the 2K grade completed on Lustre.

Visual effects were all performed in Smoke including crowd replication, which involved rotoscoping a small number of extras to populate a large seating area of a TV studio.

"Roger’s ability to capture layers of detail and information on the negative made the images a joy to work with," said Technicolor Colorist, Paul Ensby of DOP Roger Pratt. "For the rival Curry restaurants we set a golden colourful feel for the interiors, making full use of the rich tones and textures. Grading the film was a hugely enjoyable experience, it was great to work with such pleasant, talented clients."

Roger Pratt commented: "I have always worked with Technicolor as I know they will look after a film throughout post and have the best people in place at each stage of the process. This extends from the development of the neg as overseen by John Ensby, a contact I have worked with for many years, through to the digitization and culminates in the grade with Paul Ensby.  Paul is the ideal end point, his creative eye gives the near final footage one last sheen to bring out the very best."

Jadoo premieres at Martin Gropius-Bau theatre on Thursday 14th February.



Technicolor Credits

Producer:  Dailies - Jahanzeb Hayat, DI - Begona Lopez

Editor: Dom Thomson                                                   

Colourist: Paul Ensby

Lab Contact: John Ensby (Dailies)

Sound Mix: Gareth Bull