May 12, 2017

Broadband Goes Mobile With Technicolor

Technicolor’s gateway with D2 Technologies brings high-quality voice and data services to more homes – even where fixed broadband is not available.
  • Technicolor partnership to deliver LTE broadband access enables mobile operators to leverage existing investments.
  • Consumers who do not have wireline broadband access will now have better voice and data coverage in their home and can more seamlessly engage with their content experiences.

There are households today still disconnected from wireline broadband access because they are too far away from critical pieces of infrastructure. Though analysts estimate that 12 million U.S. households are not connected via broadband, there is nearly 100% Long Term Evolution (LTE) coverage – and as it grows more robust this offers a viable alternative to traditional Internet access technologies and connectivity.

“You still have a huge number of people who are too far away from the network, or who live in countries where there is no wireline infrastructure,” explains Olivier Lafontaine, Director of Strategy & Product Management at Technicolor. “And that is where LTE can play an important new role in providing broadband services to unserved consumers.”

With LTE deployment expanding everywhere, it paves the way for the technology to connect people in their homes in a different way. Delivering LTE broadband access is an opportunity for mobile operators to leverage their existing investments in advanced wireless technology through partnership with experts who understand the complexity of bringing these types of advanced services to the home.

Through one such partnership, Technicolor and D2 Technologies demonstrate how the open gateway concept enables operators to deploy broadband voice and data services to almost every home. Technicolor’s MGA110x Gateway supports VoIP and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services through D2’s embedded vPort Gateway software. This collaborative solution enables high-quality voice and operator service over mobile broadband connections where fixed broadband is not available.

“VoLTE is a very big opportunity,” says Lafontaine, “because at home, you want to have a good and stable voice connection that you will probably not have with traditional mobile phone service because cellular coverage is often not optimal when indoors. The emergence of LTE gateway technologies deployed in the home will address this challenge, allowing mobile operators to offer both data-centric and voice-centric services.”

Added Paul Wu, Chief Operating Officer of D2 Technologies, “As operators migrate to next-generation home technologies, the requirement for a multifunctional device with the capabilities of the MGA110x is becoming more and more important.”

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