June 20, 2018

Capturing Opportunity with Android TV

The dynamics of providing a high quality, differentiated video service offering continues to evolve for Service Providers.

Today we are firmly entrenched in the third phase of disruption for video distribution, where the Cloud and IP distribution have provided a measure of flexibility previously unseen. This disruption has been fuelled by an increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumer that considers TV as an “on-demand, personalized” experience. As such, to compete and differentiate, Service Providers (SPs) need the utmost in flexibility, agility, and adaptability.


In a global industry where time to market and open solutions are paramount, Android TV looks like a no brainer for a lot of operators who want to bridge managed and unmanaged (IP Streaming) services seamlessly and provide a controlled service quality versus a pure OTT solution.

Additionally, with the release of the Operator Tier version of Android TV, operators can now have their own branded User Interface while keeping other advantages, such as giving consumers access to Netflix and other popular video services. This has considerably increased the adoption of the system by operators who can save integration time and money. Android TV helps reduce churn while increasing LTV, reducing OPEX, and driving new service creation as developers spend less time in middleware development and more time on innovation.

And last, Android is highly popular amongst consumers; this popularity is due in part to its functionality and excellent user experience, particularly with the voice operated Google Assistant and wide selection of apps. Android TV is therefore attractive to pay-TV operators who want to enhance their combined broadcast-IP Streaming service offerings and increase competitiveness – by meeting consumer demand for a wider range of entertainment services than what is typically available in today’s broadcast-OTT operations.

To learn more about all the benefits that Android TV is bringing, please watch the testimonial of Gaëtan Delcroix, Vice President, Video Product Unit, Technicolor.

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