May 25, 2012

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

A documentary versionned at 1055, broadcast in April

Cave of Forgotten Dreams - a documentary versionned at 1055, to be broadcast in April on Canal D. Our documentary versioning colleagues just completed their work on a magnificent documentary entitled La grotte des rêves perdus (French version of Cave of Forgotten Dreams) by German director Werner Herzog. This documentary describes the history of the Chauvet Cave in the Ardèche department of France, a cave with more than 420 painted or engraved representations of animals dating from 31,000 BCE. Discovered in 1994 by speleologists Jean-Marie Chauvet, Eliette Brunel and Christian Hillaire, the cave owes its remarkable state of preservation to the collapse of its entrance ceiling some twenty thousand years ago.

This cave is strictly protected and is not open to the general public. The film crew had to ask for special permission from the French Ministry of Culture to film inside the cave. The documentary presents images taken inside this mythical cave as well as interviews with scientists and historians who recount its story.

This American documentary was filmed in 2010 and translated for Canal D (Astral Television) at the beginning of the year. It aired in French last April.

Here is the team that worked on this adaptation:

    Project leader: MARIE-CLAUDE DAULT
    Artistic direction: HÉLÈNE MONDOUX
    Narration: HUBERT FIELDEN
    Sound recording: MAXIME POTVIN
    Sound mixing: PIERRE CHARRON
    Editing: MARTIN DURAND
    Coordination: GENEVIÈVE MILLETTE

To see a trailer and find out more about this documentary, follow this link: