March 28, 2014

Color correction for Entity

Technicolor provided Color correction for Entity, a short-film by Andrew Desmond and Jean-Philippe Ferré.

“When Nicolas Chalons (the film’s director of photography) presented his project, Entity, to us, we immediately saw the technical challenge underlying the artistic goal.  We wanted to develop our workflow to give the film the treatment it deserved. That’s why we composited all of the film’s sequences with Autodesk Smoke, in order to separately color correct each image layer with Autodesk Lustre. The connection between Smoke and Lustre eases the back-and-forth between compositing and color correction, enabling finer integration of the various image elements.

This exercise enabled us to push our tools beyond where we had gone before and to consolidate the technical expertise of everyone working on the project.”

- Arnaud Caréo, Technical Head, TESF Imaging


Entity, short-film, Andrew Desmond and Jean-Philippe Ferré


A woman astronaut finds herself ejected from her spaceship following a technical glitch. Her oxygen level slowly declines, until she becomes unconscious.  After floating aimlessly for several hours, she finds herself facing a strange and mysterious entity.


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