May 21, 2021

Android TV: How to reduce time-to-market for Android-powered set-top boxes

How can you reduce time-to-market for your Android-powered set-top boxes to be at the forefront of the TTM competition while guaranteeing robust devices for your customers?
By Rich Phipps, Director Product Management at Technicolor Connected Home

Technicolor has more than six years’ experience integrating a full Android TV ecosystem into set-top-box devices for many service providers around the world. The global perception of Android TV revolves around the fact that it brings the benefits of an open ecosystem, large-scale infrastructure supported by Google and enables operators to roll out new video services much faster and at lower cost than with current, proprietary technologies. Indeed, from our experience, once an operator has chosen Android TV, they want to roll it out as fast as possible. Technicolor has been able to help operators hit some very aggressive schedules, but this requires a balance right from the start between standard and custom feature sets, both on hardware and software.

To help you better understand what’s at stake, we are releasing a series of videos to share our lessons learned on this topic. So, let’s take a deep dive into time to market with this first video.

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