November 20, 2019

How to Innovate with Android™ TV: A Path to Better Products

By Fabien Battini – Product Manager, Technicolor – and Patrice Silvant – International sales and Partnerships, 3SS

Android TV brings the benefits of an open ecosystem, large-scale infrastructure supported by Google and enables operators to roll out new video, entertainment, IoT and digital assistant services much faster and at lower cost than with current, proprietary technologies.

Legacy devices based on Linux can no longer meet today’s market needs for agility: the old Linux-based model is inflexible and is based on a ‘locked-in’ interplay between user interface, middleware and Set-Top-Box platform.

Together, Technicolor and its partner 3SS have delivered several major projects in the Android TV space for network service providers, based on Technicolor’s hardware platforms and middleware combined with 3SS’ 3READY Android TV Front End and UI Framework.

Based on this shared experience, we have issued a short publication explaining two rules that Network Service Providers need to adopt when developing Android TV Set-top-boxes, and how this compares to Linux-based products.


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