January 07, 2020

JADE: Re-inventing the Set-Top-Box Experience

The most versatile and powerful set-top box from Technicolor delivers seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences.

With JADE, Technicolor releases the most versatile and powerful set-top box (STB) in the market today. JADE is a 4K Ultra HD device containing next generation 16nm silicon, debuting the latest technology standards – such as Wi-Fi 6, AV1 decoding, and far-field voice – in a small, customizable design.

JADE, ready for both Android TV and RDK-V, benefits from a powerful quad-core processor and an innovative, stackable module enabling flexibility in the introduction of value-added services such as Digital Video Recording (DVR), Digital Assistant and IoT control.

Learn more about JADE: click here to read our press release.