September 20, 2018

Success Factors for Deploying Android TV Set-top Boxes

Technicolor and 3SS collaborated on an A-Z guide of Android including Operator Tier.

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Service providers today recognize the need to deliver integrated TV and multiscreen offerings that meet the demands of consumers worldwide – while ensuring a seamless user experience continually being enriched with added-value services, features and applications. Android TV has proven very popular among consumers, first as a prolongation of their smartphone experience, and now even more with apps tailored to the TV.

In the light of the experience Technicolor (a Google partner for five years) and 3SS have in deploying pioneering Android projects, understanding the success factors and preconditions, this white paper offers a look at the evolution of the Android proposition for pay-TV, its benefits as well as the options for Android-based deployments. In short,  it is your A-Z guide for deploying Android TV set-top boxes.

Download this white paper from 3SS website.