January 20, 2022

Technicolor Connected Home Receives Wi-Fi 6E CPE Device Certification for the NSP Market

This certification allows the company’s network service provider (NSP) customers around the globe to offer subscribers the reliability, coverage and performance associated with the Wi-Fi 6E standard.

ATLANTA – Jan. 20, 2022  -- On January 11, 2022, Technicolor Connected Home receives the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi 6E device certification for its CGM4981 gateway. This certification allows the company’s network service provider (NSP) customers around the globe to offer subscribers the reliability, coverage and performance associated with the Wi-Fi 6E standard.

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“The CGM4981 Wi-Fi 6E home gateway delivers a never-before-seen performance by using the 6GHz band to address congested traffic issues, as the number of devices that require wireless access to the home gateway has exploded,” said Ashwani Saigal, Vice President of Broadband, Technicolor Connected Home. “Because the 6Ghz band is open to Wi-Fi 6 devices only, it significantly reduces traffic congestion and enhances the experience subscribers will enjoy from these Wi-Fi 6 devices in any part of the home. It is a step-change improvement in capacity for households where many products using previous versions of Wi-Fi compete to operate in the 2.4 and 5Ghz frequency bands.”

Wi-Fi 6E is an important step forward in the industry’s objective to help consumers cope with dense wireless environments. As the home becomes a central point of work, entertainment and education for families around the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wi-Fi 6E-compliant CPE -- such as Technicolor Connected Home’s innovative CGM4981 gateway -- delivers the gigabit speed and performance necessary to support multiple users and simultaneous usages throughout the home. 

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“The rapid rise of bandwidth-intensive applications -- such as seamless 4K video streaming, online gaming, and virtual reality – not only require more bandwidth and speed to the home through access technologies like gigabit fiber and DOCSIS 3.1, but also superior reliability within the home,” says Saigal. “It is a key factor in maintaining uninterrupted connectivity as multiple devices and latency-sensitive applications access internet resources through the Wi-Fi network. It also guarantees operators to be ready for more sophisticated and immersive navigation consumers will require to experience the metaverse that is set to become the future of internet services.”

This is the latest development in Technicolor Connected Home’s ongoing commitment to leveraging open and innovative technologies for NSPs around the world. The ultimate goal is to help NSPs deliver seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences to consumers by creating best-in-class CPE and partnering with the most innovative companies in the connected home ecosystem.

“This CPE Wi-Fi 6E certification is further evidence of Technicolor Connected Home’s commitment to staying at the forefront of wireless innovation and delivering wireless CPE of the highest level of quality and performance. This milestone not only leverages years of expertise in antenna design, whole-home coverage software integration and device performance optimization but also reflects the ongoing collaboration between our engineers and technicians, our chipset manufacturers and NSP customers from the early stages of Wi-Fi standard developments. These devices can now be leveraged by NSPs that have committed to delivering premium wireless user experiences to their subscribers” says Saigal.


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Carole Bernard
Vice President, Marketing
Technicolor Connected Home