August 06, 2014

Cooking Up a Colorful Foodies Delight

Director Lasse Halstrom’s new film, The Hundred Foot Journey is a beautifully crafted story about the clash of cultures.

Director Lasse Halstrom’s new film, The Hundred Foot Journey is a beautifully crafted story about the clash of cultures, set principally in southern France and against the backdrop of two competing restaurants: one, an established Michelin-starred venerable place of refinement and haute cuisine; the other is an upstart Indian “hot spot” featuring a young, rising-star chef.  Starring Dame Helen Mirren as Madame Mallory, the film features a stellar cast of Indian actors led by Manish Dayal and Om Puri, with a lovely turn by French actress Charlotte Le Bon.  The narrative is offset by exquisite production photography and color finishing supported by various Technicolor divisions and talent.
Photographed in India, and multiple locations in southern France, by Swedish (Los Angeles-based) cinematographer Linus Sandgren, the film was the latest project color-finished by MPC LA creative director Mark Gethin -- following their earlier success with director Gus Van Sant’s Promised Land.  Sandgren has worked with Gethin for the last 10 years, principally on commercials.  “Lasse and Linus had some very specific direction for us,” stated Gethin.  “They wanted the look of the film to be both moody and atmospheric, while off-setting the beauty of both India and southern France, and the incredible food being prepared.”
The Hundred Foot Journey was readied for theatrical distribution at Technicolor-PostWorks, New York, with Gethin handling the film’s color-grading over the course of three weeks, working on one of the facility’s BaseLight systems. Producing support was provided by Technicolor’s Bob Peishel and Technicolor-PostWorks’ Kevin Vale.  Editorial conform was led by Technicolor-PostWorks editor Christy Leftwich, with creative support from Ben Murray of The Room. Technicolor’s newly acquired VFX studio, Toronto- and New York-based Mr. X, created visual effects for the project.  
Technicolor Hollywood colorist Jason Fabbro performed the home and video-mastering for the project, while Technicolor Digital Cinema created DCP elements that were finished in New York.  Technicolor’s marketing services’ team graded and delivered the film’s theatrical and broadcast trailers.
The film is based on Richard C. Morais’ book and was produced by an illustrious group of filmmakers including Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Juliet Blake.   The Hundred Foot Journey is produced by DreamWorks and released through the Walt Disney Company.