April 05, 2013

Danny Boyle's Thriller Trance

Technicolor provides full processing and digital lab support, DI and Foley services for feature thriller Trance.

Danny Boyle’s thriller Trance

Technicolor’s elite motion picture services have been employed by Danny Boyle for this psychological thriller, Trance, staring James McAvoy (The Conspirator and X-Men: First Class), Vincent Cassel (Black Swan and A Dangerous Method) and Rosario Dawson (Unstoppable and Seven Pounds). Director of Photography Anthony Dod Mantle lead the charge.

Technicolor’s Digital Manager Dan Mulligan and his team, based in Lexington Street in Soho, London, provided full processing and digital lab support for the feature. Trance was graded by award winning colourist Jean-Clement Soret of MPC, over 4 weeks on Baselight at the Technicolor Lexington Street facility. The grading brief was to be bold, daring and generous. Foley was carried out by Technicolor’s Adam Mendez.

Dan Mulligan of Technicolor commented: “We designed and built a full custom Lab at our Soho Lexington street studios to support this project. The team received and delivered huge amounts of data daily, in addition to many ‘flavours’ of digital formats. Challenges included turning around 24 hours of rushes for the next day, which we are happy to say we were able to deliver.”

Adam Mendez added: “We had to shoot clean, crisp and defined sounds that punctuated the on-screen action. A sequence involving ripping through wrapping, involved tearing through many different types of paper to get enough interesting textures and layers. Likewise, a sequence in which mud is flung onto the camera involved creating a good sloppy patch of dirt and wet soil in the studio to get the right textures for the graphic images. We had to pay particular attention to a ripped book which forms part of the story. Each caress of the glossy paper and page turn had to be highlighted, and enhanced. We made good use of the props to deliver a nuanced sound for each of the on screen moments.”

Trance released in the UK on March 27 2013.

Watch the trailer here.

Technicolor Credits

Digital Manager: Daniel Mulligan

DI: Jean-Clement Soret