March 15, 2019

The Deep Season 3 Launches With All New Adventures…and New Ways to Engage Young Explorers

Technicolor’s award-winning hit family series has become a global phenomenon – now airing in more than 180 territories.

  • The Deep Season 3 launches in Australia, the UK, and Canada – with rest of the world to follow throughout 2019.
  • Authentic toys, books, and apparel are available online via Amazon in Germany and France, in the UK via The Deep’s branded store – and in brick-and-mortar retailers throughout Germany.
  • The Deep’s dedicated YouTube channel features a webisode series among the videos, playlists, and clip compilations for The Deep community.
  • Technicolor and the Nekton Mission have become strategic education partners for First Descent – a series of expeditions currently happening in the Seychelles seeking conservation through exploration of the Indian Ocean.

This month marks the launch of the third season of The Deep, the wildly successful animated series that follows the underwater adventures of the Nekton family of explorers. Tantalizing mysteries await the family in Season 3, along with dangerous pirates and fantastic creatures, including the Monumentials. The huge creatures capable of changing the world are waking from their long slumber – and the Nektons must find the ancient city of Lemuria and harness its secret to put the giants back to sleep – before time runs out!

The Deep is a global hit, airing in more than 180 territories. Fans in Australia (ABC-ME), the UK (CBBC), and Canada (Family CHRGD) can catch Season 3 this month, with launches in Germany, Sweden, and other countries commencing throughout 2019. For explorers who can’t get enough of The Deep, there are numerous other ways to engage with the series – both during and in between seasons.

  • Toys, Books, and Apparel – The Deep toys, which debuted last year in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Nordic countries, are also now available online via Amazon in Germany and France, and in the UK via The Deep’s branded store at\thedeep. The Deep’s UK official store offers authentic toys, books, apparel (including made-to-order T-shirts printed on demand) and more – featuring favorite Nekton family members and characters.
  • Dedicated YouTube channel – The Deep has a dedicated YouTube channel which posts new content every 2-3 days, such as ‘Meet the Creatures,’ ‘The Best of’ characters, and other clip compilations. It will also feature a brand new toy-based The Deep webisode series – 20 five-minute exciting web episodes to explore. Join The Deep community and check out all the videos and playlists on the YouTube channel.
  • Nekton Mission – The Nektons share a name with The Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute – and now they’re sharing a real-life mission for explorers both young and old. First Descent is a series of expeditions in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean to explore and conserve the world’s least protected, most at-risk ocean. Technicolor (The Deep’s underlying rights holder) is a collaborating education partner for this bold mission of conservation through exploration.

In addition to Technicolor, The Deep is a co-production between Australia-based A Stark Production and Canada-based DHX Media. The Deep – based on the graphic novel series of the same name created by award-winning comic book author and playwright Tom Taylor and renowned illustrator James Brouwer – is a global hit that has been recognized with numerous industry awards and nominations, most recently as a 2018 BAFTA nominee for Best International Animation.

Visit The Deep at for all the latest information on your favorite underwater explorers, including Season 3 updates.