February 17, 2015

Delivering DI for Shaun the Sheep Movie was a real joy

Aardman Studio’s Shaun the Sheep Movie is a stop-motion animation that has received rave reviews in the UK.


Adapted from the small to big screen with spectacular results, children and adults alike are sure to enjoy watching the group of well-loved farmyard animals head to the city for an adventure of a life-time.

Technicolor completed DI for the film, our Grade and Editing Assistant Michael Crusz spoke to us about the project.

‘Shaun the Sheep was a really enjoyable project to work on. Grading for Shaun the Sheep actually began back in March, when we conformed and graded the then available shot material, we then continued to build on it every few months. The workflow we created meant it was fairly straight forward to re-conform and copy across legacy grades’.

‘I particularly enjoyed re-building the social media GFX scene in the film. We were given the elements and matched these to what had been done in the offline, it was a great chance to think a little more creatively and problem solve. Another enjoyable challenge was Matching Max Horton’s End roller – after all it’s not often that you get an interesting end roller.’

‘Even doing the sync checks on scenes without audio had me in stitches, it really is a hilarious film that will make children and adults laugh out loud’.

Shaun the Sheep Movie was three years in the making and released on the 6 January 2015.