January 17, 2012

The Digital Revolution Moves Forward! Technicolor Provides a Visual Update at CES

From connected TVs and tablets to smartphones and ultrabooks, multiple screens are now part of the connected home.

13 January 2012 – Las Vegas - From connected TVs and tablets to smartphones and ultrabooks, multiple screens are now part of the connected home. Today, nearly 70% of TV viewers use a second screen as they watch TV to, for example, find additional information on programs or share reactions or images on social networks. Multimedia content is everywhere; but it is sometimes difficult to find. Living in an era of interactivity, today’s media consumers want to access content however and whenever they wish

As a major worldwide technology player in the media and entertainment sector, Technicolor was naturally best positioned to understand usage requirements and to respond with new, innovative services. It is all being shown last week at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. It’s a vision of the future. For those who are not fortunate enough to attend, we invite you to experience the event in images!

Control images and personalize viewing? They're coming soon!

Personalized Content Rendering Video demoPersonalized Content Rendering – a technology developed in Technicolor’s research labs sets the scene for a revolution in the way images are viewed. I no longer passively consume content offered on the screen; I personalize it while navigating through content in a totally free fashion, right from my couch with a simple mouse or hand movement, thanks to a movement recognition system. A football game or a concert becomes a new experience as viewers can themselves take control of the camera to select the viewing angle. Viewers can also zoom in themselves or choose real-time recommended views tailored to each particular type of event. In other words, experience the event as if you were there. The television of the future offers a personalized, immersive user experience. It is interactive and therefore much more intelligent! If Personalized Content Rendering opens new consumer experiences, it also substantially expands the options for media professionals to distribute content that is richer and more interactive.

TV & tablets: the ideal couple for enriched content

MediaEcho Video demoMediaEcho – A brand new application based on the fact that 70% of smartphone, tablet and netbook users use their mobile terminals for access to additional information on the content they watch on Blu-ray, VOD or TV. They either share comments via social networks or seek additional information on the program they are watching.
MediaEcho synchronizes second-screen content with live broadcast content to open access to an additional world of content on the tablet. It might be about the actors or camera or production teams or, for example, historical data or audio or video information. The application can also interact on social networks, enabling users to post comments, share content and stay connected as they watch their programs. Finally, the application includes an e-commerce function, enabling fans to buy articles related to their favorite program right on their tablet.

Multimedia content is everywhere... But you must be able to enjoy it simply!

M-GO Video demoM-GO – M-GO is a free application that makes it easier to access entertainment content by bringing together movies, music, applications, TV streams and more onto a single, easy-to-navigate platform. M-GO enables users to access all their cloud-based content from connected terminals.
M-GO includes an advanced search engine that enables consumers to access the content they want, at any time, easily and rapidly. The application can also be used on a smartphone or table to provide an exceptional second-screen experience during TV viewing. Simple and efficient! Worldwide industry leaders, including Intel, Samsung and Vizio, have made no mistake, announcing at CES that they would integrate M-CO into their terminals.

M-GO will be launched and available in the US during spring 2012, with international roll-out in 2013.


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