October 17, 2017

Edge Computing Enables NSPs to Deliver IoT Services, Creating New Revenue Opportunities

Jon Walkenhorst, CTO, Technicolor - Connected Home Jon Walkenhorst, CTO, Connected Home - Technicolor

Edge computing is the natural next step from cloud computing and provides network service providers (NSPs) with an opportunity to leverage its unique position inside subscribers’ homes to create new revenue streams.

Technicolor is working with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Greengrass technology and the Lambda compute service – which lets code run without having to provision or manage servers – to develop applications that can be executed on Technicolor gateways deployed in people’s home.

Beyond introducing a new level of interoperability between cloud and gateway functions, the initiative also creates a new market for Lambda application developers who can now develop solutions on home gateways, and leverage intelligent devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

This creates the opportunity for service providers to work across a range of vertical industries – such as health, hospitality, energy and others. By leveraging IoT-enabled devices in the home with big data, Technicolor will work with partners to deliver experiences, products and services that are closely aligned with consumers habits and preferences.

Technicolor is working on various research initiatives and use cases to further understand how service providers can leverage existing technologies and customer premises equipment (CPE) within the home to broaden the revenue opportunities across different economic sectors.


To download Technicolor’s executive report, entitled “The Edge. Redefined.”, click here.

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