October 12, 2016

Empowering Immersive Media Through Compelling Stories

Technicolor’s Tim Sarnoff, President of Production Services and Deputy CEO, focuses on the future of immersive experiences and the imperatives for building a new ecosystem within the entertainment sector.
  • Technicolor and its brands have completed 13 VR projects this year, with another 29 in the works.
  • Embracing the new ecosystem requires compelling and innovative storytelling technology.

Tim Sarnoff stressed the importance of compelling storytelling for the success of immersive technology at this week’s VR on the Lot, held at Paramount Pictures Studios.

Sarnoff was a featured keynote speaker at the 2-day immersive media summit that brought key industry content creators and distributors together to experience the latest innovations in virtual reality as both a new technology platform and ecosystem for effective monetization.

In his speech on Day 1 of the event, Sarnoff outlined four critical success factors for building an effective ecosystem for VR, AR and beyond. These are:  high-quality native content based on timeless themes created upon the new canvas of VR technology; social engagement experiences; episodic cadence, citing the example of Over-the-Top (OTT) successes like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu; and disruptive innovation that challenges the status quo and moves existing mediums forward or they risk losing mind- and wallet-share.

These are some of the underlying reasons why the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) was created. Its dedication to pushing the boundaries of immersive entertainment and exploring new ways to develop virtual and augmented reality content pairs with the development and expansion of a new ecosystem for a new era of entertainment. 

“Working with others in the industry to disrupt and transform the future of entertainment, we can develop the strong interdependencies, connections, and ecosystems that will enable us all to fulfill the promise of immersive media,” said Sarnoff.


To read more of Sarnoff’s thoughts on empowering immersive media, visit The Future Trust.


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