December 02, 2015

Francis Ford Coppola Reflects On His Experiences With Technicolor

Coppola’s long history with Technicolor is based in artistic collaboration.

Francis Ford Coppola, one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved directors of all time (The Godfather trilogy, Apocalypse Now), discusses his earliest memories of Technicolor, the 3-strip process, and his history of collaboration with Technicolor laboratories (Technicolor Rome and Vittorio Storaro). Going on to describe working closely with Technicolor to restore his grossly underrated film, The Cotton Club, Coppola expresses his admiration of the care and dedication of the Technicolor teams that he’s worked with. Calling Technicolor’s Centennial, “as close as you can get to the birth of cinema,” Coppola looks forward to the continued longevity of Technicolor’s spirit of invention to continue the advancement of the medium of film.