December 01, 2016

Get Carried Away To A New VR World

Technicolor’s MPC partnered with 'Carry Me' musician Kygo, Ultra Records, and Sony Music to create a premium VR experience like no other.
  • MPC and Kygo envisioned a totally new kind of VR music experience for users.
  • Musical creativity and VR technology were united to create new immersive worlds.

The hit song ‘Carry Me’ by Norwegian DJ superstar Kygo has taken on a new life in the virtual reality (VR) world with Technicolor’s MPC team as key collaborators. The premium VR music experience carries users through every world imaginable, from the oceans and seas, through forests and mountain vistas, up into the skies and heavenly cosmos.  Kygo, who started his career as a “bedroom producer,” now takes us on a virtual musical journey right from our own bedrooms and living rooms.

With MPC VR, Kygo found expert immersive technology partners who conceptualized a journey where the user was virtually “carried” upward through a series of natural environments – using music to drive the visuals by informing every pulse, color, and form they take along the way. Because Kygo’s presence within the immersive experience was crucial, especially to his fans, MPC VR flew a team to his studio in Norway to perform a complete 3D body scan so they could re-create him in VR.

The team also employed game engine technology so – besides breathtaking visuals and animation – the user can experience such sensations as floating upward through each environment, and even “stepping” closer to objects or changing their perspective based on their viewing angle.

In early winter, Kygo fans around the world – and VR fans in general – can download the ‘Carry Me’ VR Experience on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

The new kind of VR music experience MPC brought to life with musician Kygo will be featured at CES 2017.

Find out more about the ‘Carry Me’ project from MPC.



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