October 17, 2018

Ghoulish & Ghastly Ads That Get Us Into the Spirit of Halloween

Technicolor brands, MPC and The Mill, deliver hipster ghosts, family frights, laughs, and treats – and one truly terrifying doll – in spots for IKEA, Spotify, and ASDA.

This Halloween, we’ve been journeying through time to visit all the spooky ways Technicolor has contributed to scary content across all platforms. In this article, we’ll take a closer look into the advertising arena to see how Technicolor’s family of brands deliver high quality Chills & Thrills for their clients.

Ikea “Ghosts”

VFX and Color Finishing provided by MPC

In this delightful spot for Ikea, MPC provided VFX and color finishing on a group of drab ghosts, who have their party crashed by hipper and much more colorful ghosts clad in fabrics from Ikea.  Nothing like a little boo and some booty shakin’ to encourage a bit of shopping!   

“At a spooky house party held at Black Island Studios, plain ghosts with legs roamed on segways to boring music. It would take a scary two-week deadline and 208 tasks to make this an IKEA party. Luckily, a group of cool ghosts gate-crashed the party, adding colorful IKEA fabrics, new tunes and back-flipping dance moves to the mix. In two weeks of fun, MPC’s team made all of the legs and segways disappear and ‘magicked’ up a spinning CG ghost. The ghosts were so scared by these antics that they morphed and blended into IKEA products. To this day I still have nightmares about that plain ghost party... ” – Bruno Fukumothi, VFX Supervisor, MPC

ASDA – Halloween 2018

VFX and Color Finishing by The Mill

The Mill provided VFX and color finishing on the Halloween commercial for grocery chain ASDA. In this playful spot, a family is gearing up, quite literally, for Halloween.  Starting with an Arrrgh…. the spot progresses to show you a vast variety of the Halloween treats and decorations on offer at ASDA establishing it as the place to go for all things Halloween.

“This fun and spooky spot was joy to work on, bringing to life some of the great products on offer this Halloween season at ASDA. Opening the scene with CG bats, Art Director Grant Berry was then given the opportunity to toy with ASDA’s iconic ‘A’ to create B-movie-esque titles. Flash animator Freya Barnsley then hand animated the titles to make them drip with a grainy film effect. A rich grade from Mill Colourist Seamus O’Kane enhanced and completed this witchy tale.

And would you believe the Ghost Crumpets are now a sell out across the nation! ” - Dan Adams 2D Lead, Artist, The Mill London

Spotify - Horror

VFX and Color Finishing by MPC

Spotify tasked MPC in helping them create Horror as part of their largest campaign ever to spotlight their music service. With the tag line of “Killer songs that you can’t resist” this commercial features a group of roommates who are haunted by a scary doll and a song they just can’t stop playing. 

“If playing Camila Cabello’s “Havana” caused a killer doll to appear in your house, you would stop the song, wouldn’t you?

Not so for the roommates in this commercial for Spotify, who are all confronted by the scary doll but just love the catchy song too much to stop playing it. We removed the puppeteer from every shot to make the doll truly come to life, and the result is a spooky film that is sure to give you nightmares – or at least an earworm.” – Alvin Cruz, Creative Director, MPC NY

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