April 26, 2017

HDR Explained

Josh Limor, VP Technology and Ecosystem Development, is featured in International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) Magazine – April 2017

Studios and content distributors, excited about the commercial prospects associated with HDR, are urging the creative community – including cinematographers – to incorporate this rapidly rising image technology into their projects.

However, this raises interesting questions such as: are there truly creative benefits to be gleaned by artists who use HDR? What exactly does the creative community need to know to begin getting the most creativity out of HDR?

Then, once the content has been created, there is a lot of discussion about how to get HDR images into people’s homes. The studios, technology companies, content distributors, and consumer electronics manufacturers have come together to develop open specifications around HDR. The market, however, is still wrestling with the fact that multiple formats for content currently exist that have been developed according to specific market conditions. In other words, there is a constituency behind each of the approaches to HDR. The challenge is to figure out how to manage this complexity for content creators and consumers.

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