February 28, 2014


Technicolor Montreal provides on-set services for Helix.

Premiering on Showcase and SyFy channel this winter, Helix, is a new US television series about a team of scientists who travel to a research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak.


Helix is one of the largest US television production shot in Montreal, the show is distributed by Sony Productions and produced by Montreal's Muse Entertainment. Ronald D. Moore, the acclaimed producer of Battlestar Galactica, is the executive producer of this sci-fi television series.


Technicolor is proud to be associated with this new sci-fi thriller providing on-set services, DI and distribution. Technicolor Montreal previously collaborated with local Canadian producer Muse on Pillars of the Earth, the international mini-series which garnered Montreal audio an Emmy in 2011 for sound editing.


Technicolor’s Front End Digital Dailies team, consisting of Amélie Lévesque (front end producer), Yannick Desrochers (workflow manager), Trevor White (digital dailies colorist) and Peter Smith (data deliverables) collaborated with the Helix production crew and Stephen McNutt (director of photography) on establishing the unique look of the show. Trevor highlighted the accelerated coloring procedure for the show: “Helix was a 95 day digital shoot, most of the coloring steps were executed on set. The main goal was to establish a seamless pipeline between production, the post house and editorial.  What is viewed on set needs to look exactly as what is seen at Technicolor and at editorial.” Gary Chuntz (head colorist), assisted by Anne Boyle, joined forces on the project to create the “one of a kind” atmosphere for Helix.


Montreal's digital distribution department also provided the encoding and packaging requirements for the simulcast.  The first season of a total of 13 episodes is currently airing on SyFy channel and Showcase and reaped highly positive reviews and created record ratings for the broadcaster.