October 21, 2016

HP Continues To Ace The Technicolor Color Certified Test

HP’s Envy AiO 27 is the latest device to be Technicolor Color Certified.
  • Technicolor Color Certified ensures accurate and captivating cinematic experiences on the HP’s near borderless display.
  • Technicolor continues to expand its Technicolor Color Certified program with the latest PC to pass the color test, HP’s Envy All-in-One 27.


While high-end devices continue to bring more power and speed, color accuracy and consistency is sometimes slighted. Technicolor is helping solve this problem because great color leads to great experiences.  Color is key to making sure users are getting the best online viewing experience possible, whether they are streaming the latest blockbuster, fighting opponents in a virtual world, or shopping online to assemble a new outfit from the comfort of home.

By being Technicolor Color Certified, the HP Envy AiO 27 meets the same strict standards used in Hollywood and throughout the media and entertainment industry. These include clearly defined specs for the device’s color gamut, gamma, color fidelity, white point and backlight brightness.

As the first and only company with a color certification program for consumer devices, Technicolor offers its partners a powerful way to brand and differentiate its products.  When a device is Technicolor Color Certified, users can be sure that what they see on the screen is exactly how the content creators intended it to be. Technicolor continues to work with HP and other OEM partners to deliver more Color Certified products to consumers.


See more from HP about the new Envy AiO 27 in the video below.

Photo: HP