June 16, 2017

HP, NVIDIA, And The TEC Boldly Go On A VR Mission to Mars

The Technicolor Experience Center is a new “frontier outpost” where global collaborators are pushing the limits of immersive experiences with projects such as HP Mars Home Planet.

  • Recent announcements include planned partnerships  with HP, NVIDIA, and several others in the immersive community to create what life on Mars could look like, in virtual reality, via the HP Mars Home Planet project.

The TEC is on a mission to Mars with its next project. HP Mars Home Planet is a planned collaboration with HP, NVIDIA, and a team of partners to create a realistic VR simulation of life on Mars.

The project will design a virtual colony on Mars, an ambitious undertaking that takes sci-fi fantasy and brings it closer to reality through interactive VR that lets users experience a day in the life of a Mars colonist. 

“To ensure fidelity and professional grade quality and a fantastic end-user experience, the TEC is going to oversee the VR development process of the work that is going to be done by collaborators from all over the world,” said Sean Young, WW Segment Manager, AEC/PD at HP Inc.

The unique exploration project – uniting engineers, architects, designers, artists, and students from around the globe – is a perfect example of the creative and technological collaborative opportunities presented by immersive media.

“We’re really still at the birth of this industry and it’s going to take all of the partners to get together and really help build it and grow it and make it into something much larger than it is now,” said Rick Champagne, WW Segment Manager, HP Inc.” When you get together with a cross-disciplinary group of partners, and everybody’s looking at it from a different perspective, there’s so much knowledge you can gain from that experience.”

HP Mars Home Planet is an exciting project for Technicolor to be working on with HP and NVIDIA because we believe immersive media has applicability to other areas beyond entertainment,” said Logan Brown, Executive Producer of the TEC and US Head of VR and Immersive Content at MPC Film. “It will provide opportunities to solve some of society’s greatest challenges – from planning the cities of the future to helping medical patients feel less pain to connecting families across the world. HP Mars Home Planet is a fantastic opportunity to explore how this evolving medium will shape our future.”

Be the first voyager on a mission to Mars and visit the HP site to sign up for a truly out of this world experience.